12 ways to avoid any Physio (or A&E) over Xmas.

More than 80,000 people a year need hospital treatment for injuries that occur over the Christmas holiday. (NHS website). Here are a few sensible, and some not so, ideas to keep you injury free over the holiday.
1) Christmas trees are a dangerous weapon
According to RoSPA more than 1000 people every year are hurt by their Christmas tree. This is usually in the form of overreaching to put the fairy on top, or tripping over the electrical cables that supply the lights.
Do not due to as a German citizen Mr Thevessen did last year, which was to throw his Christmas tree out of the 3rd floor window of his flat and accidentally throw yourself out as well!
2) Ladders.
Enough said!
3) A&E reported 4 broken arms last year as a result of cracker pulling accidents
4) 3 people died last year as a result of testing a 9 V battery on their tongue
5) 5 people were injured in accidents involving out-of-control Scalextric cars.
6) 18 people cracked their skull 1997 after falling asleep whilst throwing up in the toilet.
7) 31 people have died whilst watering Christmas tree with the fairy lights are still plugged in
8) 541 people have been seen in emergency clinics in last 2 years with damaged teeth from opening beer bottles with the teeth.
9) 101 people have had to have bits of plastic removed from the soles of their feet after treading on toys and packaging.
10) 19 people in the last 3 years have died after eating what they believed were chocolate Christmas decorations.
11) 18 people sustained serious burns in 1998 after trying on new jumpers with a lit cigarette in their mouth
12) Finally, the biggest cause of referrals to our clinic after Christmas is due to people sitting and indulging far too much over the Christmas period and not keeping active.
Our serious advice is to keep active keep healthy and have a fantastic Christmas.

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