Boom Bust – Cricket

On average, 9% of crickets have an injury of some sort at any one time, although in fast bowlers 15% are injured at any given time. Therefore, chronic injuries in cricket are common at all levels. The pressures of squad selection whether it be at a … [Read more...]

Boom-Bust Cycle for Tennis

Tennis is a great sport; however, it can cause injury to many parts of the body due to the high speed of racquet impact, repetition and use of your spine, legs and especially your dominate arm. This can predispose you to a variety of shoulder, elbow, … [Read more...]

Shoulder instability

The shoulder joint is a marvelous unique structure, being the most mobile joint we have. No other joint can match it in the degrees of freedom it has. However, this mobility comes at a price, the risk of becoming unstable. Anatomy of the … [Read more...]

How good is your back swing technique?

Do you have the right movement pattern to be able to perform at an optimal level? It is important to breakdown the fundamental movements involved in the golf back swing so you can improve your distance and consistency while minimising strain on … [Read more...]


Rowing is a great way to get fit as well as enjoying the beauty of your local river or lake. It’s a fantastic sport for developing core, leg and arm strength plus all the cardiovascular benefits. It is a sport that utilises our body’s levers: … [Read more...]

Boom Bust for cycling

Following on from the introduction, we now want to be more specific in terms on how, when and what to do to help resolve your persistent reoccurring injury. Cycling is our first chosen sport that we can look into. So what sort of common chronic … [Read more...]

Boom Bust Cycle

Persistent injuries can be a thing of the past if you know how best to abolish the pain by finding the right solution to the underlying causes. Niggling injuries that just don’t want to go away can really interrupt a training program especially when … [Read more...]

Ouch, my knee hurts

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a highly competitive athlete, you have likely experienced or come in contact with someone who has suffered from some sort of knee pain. Knee injuries, especially to those who are physically active can be extremely … [Read more...]

Three simple tests predicting when our lives will end…

Just a bit morbid don’t you think? Since 1946 the Medical Research council have been undertaking tests of 5000 people born in this year, at the age of 53 they completed the tests named ‘Longevity tests’ during home visits with specially trained … [Read more...]

Acupuncture to treat headaches?

The National Institute for Health and clinical Excellence (NICE) has recently recommended acupuncture as a treatment for headaches in people of all ages. The guideline reveals that one person in 50 people experiences headaches as a result of … [Read more...]