What is this 100% satisfaction guarantee?

It is very important to us at Black Pear Physio that we deliver results for our clients and in the quickest possible period.  Over the years in practice we have monitored our success rate and are delighted that on average we have a discharge rate of … [Read more...]

What happens if you can’t fix me?

Black Pear Physio has an average discharge rate of below 4 sessions per client, however there are some clients that may need specialist service or support.  Working with you on your treatment path we will discuss all options with you and gauge how … [Read more...]

Do you treat sports injuries?

One of our key services is in working with sportsmen and women who are looking for a rehabilitation and treatment to allow them to get back to the sport they love as quickly as possible.   Black Pear Physio has an extensive record in working with … [Read more...]

Do you do Acupuncture?

Yes, one of our key treatments and services is in Acupuncture, however this is not the Chinese style of acupuncture but a clinically proven technique for physiotherapists so may be slightly different to what you are used to or think of acupuncture.  … [Read more...]

Do you accept BUPA and Private Insurance Clients

Yes, we are capable of taking BUPA and Private Insurance Clients as referrals and have all the necessary paperwork and invoicing in place to handle any enquiries of this kind.  Please mention when you call to make your appointment if this is … [Read more...]

Do you do any evening or weekend sessions

It is important for us to be available when you require and that work in with your schedule so we have a range of available clinic times available.  Our opening times are currently as follows: Monday 9am till 6pm Tuesday 9am till … [Read more...]

Have you parking on site?

Yes.  There is a limited number of parking spaces available behind the practise.  We are situated on the main A38 road out of Worcester on the Barbourne Road.  There are blue gates next to Nic Sprosson opticians and our parking spaces are clearly … [Read more...]

How many treatments do I require?

This is a very common question we are asked by email or telephone by people of all walks of life that call our clinic. It's a very sensible question as the answer will affect the treatments affordability and give you a rough idea of a timeline to … [Read more...]

When do I require a Physiotherapist?

This is a question that we often get asked when people ring in for appointments and advice. The answer of course is… It depends! As a general rule of thumb I will offer the following general observations 1)     For acute injury of anything … [Read more...]

Do I need a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or an Osteopath?

This is a very common question that crops up in the many telephone conversations and emails we have with people from all over the region. Our answer to this question is often considered by our colleagues as very controversial. All three therapies … [Read more...]