Did Team GB success boost UK sports uptake?

With the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic achievements and celebrations now behind us, many people are hoping to see an uplift in UK sport and fitness activity.

So how about you; did the amazing medal wins by Team GB inspire you to try out a new sport or add in an extra fitness session?

Are more people now taking part in sport?

To begin with, let’s rewind to 2012 to see if the London Olympics had any effect.

According to a Government paper from four years ago, sport and physical activity adoption did not change following the UK-hosted games.

In 2006 just over half of us (around 53%) were sporty and this figure had not changed by late 2013.

They told us that ‘hosting the 2012 games has not had a statistically significant positive effect on participation.’

So how about Rio?

Well, the national Team GB sport day on 27th August has been hailed a success. This offered over 2,500 free sporting activities across the UK and attracted hundreds of thousands of participants.

And whilst clear statistics are not available yet, the general feel from local sport clubs is that there has been a post-Olympic uplift in interest and participation.

The jury is however still out, about whether this effect will last.

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