Emergency Advice on Back Injury

Back pain is increasingly common and when it occurs can cause considerable pain and temporary disability.

Maintaining a healthy back however is simple and relatively easy to achieve. The spine is arranged in a series of curves making an ‘S’ shape. If for some reason these curves are flattened e.g. by poor posture or sitting, this increases the strain on the back making pain likely to occur.


The spine is also designed to move and if it has to be static then stiffness further increases he likelihood of pain.

If you have recently injured your back then good posture and regular gentle movement are even more important to prevent recurrence.


In the initial few days rest is essential to allow any inflammation to subside.

You may find that an ice pack (frozen peas wrapped in a damp tea towel) for 15 min periods will help.  Put this on and allow any spasm to settle. Any position that is comfortable will do although the ideal position is to rest is on your front.

The key issue is to keep moving as much as you can within the bounds of the pain.

Most episodes of back pain will start to settle within 5 days. If this does not occur then please contact us.