How many treatments do I require?

This is a very common question we are asked by email or telephone by people of all walks of life that call our clinic. It’s a very sensible question as the answer will affect the treatments affordability and give you a rough idea of a timeline to recovery.
At Black Pear Physio we passionately believe that the number of treatments sessions should be kept to a minimum, by providing the best possible intervention during the sessions and by giving high quality advice to our patients to enable them to improve their own symptoms between treatment sessions. There are very few conditions that in our view require more than four treatment sessions to settle the symptoms down. Obvious examples include a frozen shoulder, Achilles tendinitis, and genuine neurological disorder. Certainly if you have got up to around treatment number four and you have not noticed any benefits whatsoever from the therapy that you are having it is quite reasonable to ask yourself “is it the right therapy for you?” We hear so many horror stories of people having 15 – 20 treatments and not making any progress with the same treatment being applied on every session that it makes us wonder who the therapy is actually for; the patient or the therapists bank balance.
A Black Pear Physio we will guarantee that we will never over treat any patient. We are one of the very few practices in the UK that are confident enough in our abilities to be able to offer a 100% money back guarantee if you do not achieve our agreed goals in an agreed time frame.

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