How to avoid common sports injuries (and why we all need a physio!)

If you are reading this you’ll probably agree that regular exercise has many benefits.

Exercise is not just great for your body; it helps your mindset too.

The only problem is, even considered and careful exercise includes some level of risk and this means that anyone getting physical has the potential to get injured.


What are the risks?

Apart from accidents most sporting injuries come from people doing too much too quickly and overestimating their ability.

Whilst it can be important to ‘push’ ourselves to achieve a goal or hit a time, this should never be at the expense of sustainable fitness.

There’s also lack of preparation, poor technique and incorrect use of equipment.


Where are the problems likely to occur?

It’s all about your musculoskeletal system.

To put it very simply, it’s all about what holds our bodies together!

Any damage will therefore relate to your muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bones.

Problems can hit suddenly or they can gradually build up.


What can I do to minimise the risk?

Warming up properly before exercise is critically important. Don’t skimp on this and ensure your warm up is appropriate for the activity you’re just about to undertake.

If in doubt seek help from a professional.

Following on from the above, it is also important to only exercise within your capabilities and this means increasing your time and intensity gradually.

Ensure you have the right kit too. This can be quite a simple thing; for example, wearing the wrong running shoes can cause long-term issues even for occasional joggers and depending on your exercise of choice, forgetting to wear the right protection (a pair of shin pads or a gum shield for example) can have very serious aftereffects.

On a more expensive scale, you must also make sure that any fitness training equipment you are using is in correct working order and is set to meet your shape and size.

This can be any kind of kit from a step machine to a road bike to a rowing boat.


Professional care

Not all sports injuries can be prevented but the good news is you can significantly reduce any risk by working with a professional physiotherapist.

They’ll ensure you work at the right level, use the right equipment – and meet your fitness goals.

They will therefore, not just help you manage following an injury, they will also help you avoid future injury and reduce the likelihood of an earlier injury coming back to bother you.

It’s what we do

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