How to get to (and through) your marathon

As many of you will know, a marathon is a uniquely challenging event.

It takes months of training, eating the right food and getting enough sleep to make it to the start line.

And after investing so much in it, the last thing you want is an injury that forces you to pull out before the big day.

The good news is; with a sensible training plan and the help of a professional physiotherapist, injuries can be avoided.

How can physiotherapy help?

A physiotherapist can be your biggest ally in the ‘run’ up to a marathon.

Physiotherapy can help prevent injuries, treat current injuries and also accelerate your recovery, post-event.

Physiotherapists use techniques to improve circulation and break down scar tissue from previous injuries so you can use your muscles more effectively.

They can also identify areas of tension and prevent injuries from developing.

Top tips to stay safe

At Black Pear Physiotherapy we’ve treated a lot of running injuries.

Based on our experience here are our ‘four top tips’ to help you avoiding injury before you’ve made it past the finish line:

1: Build Steadily

Higher intensity running puts more strain on your leg muscles and joints. This can lead to ‘overuse’ injuries, so rest, ice and stretch as required, and don’t increase your training by more than 10% each week.

2: Vary your training

Varying your marathon training runs can improve strength, stamina and speed while limiting your chances of injury. Why not add fartlek training (variable speed sets) and hill runs to your routine?

3: Strengthen your core with Yoga or Pilates

Many lower limb ‘overuse’ injuries can be attributed to poor strength or activation of the core stabilisers: the gluteals, transverses abdominals, pelvic -floor and quadriceps. Yoga or Pilates is an excellent way to improve core strength and balance.

4: Don’t ignore injuries

If you experience pain, your body is trying to tell you something; so see a physiotherapist. And while you’re at it, they will be able to re-assess any old injuries to see if they’re likely to cause problems down the line.

We can help

At Black Pear Physiotherapy we offer a range of treatments and services to help you stay injury-free from day one of your training to the finish line.

Contact us on 01905 611 010 to make an appointment and we’ll help get you not only get to, but also get through, your next marathon.

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