It hurts when I run

Can barefoot running help heal low back pain and instability to the sacroiliac (SI) joint, and the difficulty of being told the activity you love may be hurting you?
In theory bare foot running reduces the impact with the ground as it is more of a scooting action rather than a heel impact. It therefore might help. However, just abandoning shoes and running barefoot would be foolish, and would certainly increase the risk of injury. What harm can it do if you slowly dip your toes in the water metaphorically and literally looking at the puddles on the footpath outside! Start by walking in bare foot concentrating on reducing your heel impact and land with a more flat foot with only a small heel strike. If this feels comfortable start to try to run short distances.
In my view finger and bare foot running shoes could lead to a runner continuing to heel strike heavily which will of course exacerbate any injury.

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