How often do you use your foam roller? Still in the corner gathering dust? Wipe it down and get rolling…….

Foam rolling is a relatively new technique of which is used by athletes, fitness professionals and physiotherapists. I for one encourage my patients to ‘have a roll’ in order to promote self management of their symptoms.

In technical terms, the foam roller is a form of self-myofascial release.  It is a simple way of breaking up tight spots in the muscles and the connective tissue that surrounds them, called fascia. This magic tool loosens tight muscles and gets rid of trigger points that do not gain as much attention when we engage in static stretching.

What are the Practical elements?

For Pre workout:

  • Seen to improve flexibility without the risk of reducing neuromuscular performance
  • Promotes blood flow to the area and warms the muscle up ready to be exercised.
  • When you perform various exercises with the roller it helps engage your muscles and build strength
  • As its a bit wobbly trying to balance on the roll, using it works your core muscles and builds strength.

For Post workout:

  • Seen to reduce muscle soreness – meaning you will have the ability to train again sooner and more frequently.

Give it a go….

Try lying on top of the cylinder shaped tool and roll your body over it, focusing on one muscle group at a time such as….quads, hamstrings, calf or back, or even better work on it all!

How frequently you use the roller really depends on how much physical activity you do, but 3 times a week is a good place to start. I would personally advise before and after each exercise activity for the reasons above.

BIG TIP…yes it will be uncomfortable and at times very sore to do but DON’T PANIC keep at it and it will become easier.

Everyone likes a good massage – now you can do it yourself…a bit of home therapy. Prepare yourself adequately and look after your body in the recovery process and you will reap the rewards of your training.

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