Exercise Prescription

At Black Pear Physio we believe that your engagement is essential to ensure a rapid resolution of your symptoms.

To this end we prescribe exercise as part of any package of treatment for you to perform at home to maximise your recovery potential.

We keep the exercises as simple as possible and as focussed on your specific problem rather than issue “one size fits all” sheets of paper to our patients.

Please bring your smart phone with you – if you have one – to the treatment session as we find photographing you on your phone with the exercises we are prescribing is a great aide memoire to assist you between sessions.

If required you may also find that we will suggest some basic work /life adjustments to help with your recovery and as part of your treatment package.

We strongly believe that you should understand why you are doing each specific exercise and give you as much detail as you require for you to perform the exercises at home with confidence of knowing that they will be effective.