Over the last 30 years manipulation has become a very sophisticated tool and is exceedingly useful for the rapid resolution of symptoms for certain conditions. Over this period of time the techniques in manipulation have become far more gentle and precisely focussed than the old school techniques where it was more intensive and intrusive.

A simple manipulation can release any stiff joints as part of a package of treatment which may include acupuncture to release the muscle spasm overlaying the joint and exercises to ensure that the tissue does not tighten up again.

Where joints have become very tight manipulation is particularly useful and whilst there may be some soreness for a few hours post treatment the relief from the symptoms you presented with will be relieved rapidly.  This is all part of our ethos of maximising the rate of recovery with our patients and reducing the number of times you need to attend our clinic for any one condition – therefore saving you money and getting you back on track quickly.

What is mapiluation?

Manipulation is the gentle science and art of taking a joint and moving it through its full range of potential motion, in a very safe and evidence based manner.

It is not appropriate for all patients to undergo manipulation and it would be only after a thorough examination and assessment of your condition and having gained an informed consent that we would consider using this technique.

Why does my range of motion change?

There are two mechanisms where the joint can become very stiff.

1. A slow insidious onset.  A typical example of this would be a runner building up their mileage too quickly and putting excess strain on the pelvis joint.  The joint stiffens up as a result of this increase loading and often will not release if running is ceased without some assistance from a gentle manipulation.

2. Rapid onset  – this occurs in the back where somebody typically over stretches to reach for something and strains the facet joint in the lumbar spine and it locks up as a protective mechanisms to prevent damage.  A simple manipulation is often all that is required along with some suitable stretching to release you from this pain.

So don’t suffer in silence.  If you feel that you have a  tightness or soreness around any of your joints give us a ring on 01905 611010 to make an appointment with one of our qualified physiotherapists and you will be delighted with the results.