Pain management

You will discover that at Black Pear Physio we have a particular interest in educating and assisting our patients to manage chronic pain conditions.

There is now a very strong evidence base that traditional physiotherapy methods do not produce long term solutions for people in chronic pain.

We are therefore at the cutting edge of our profession in using not only physical but also psychological tools to educate and facilitate our patients towards a recovery and a better life.  Often these changes are seen after only a few sessions. We will commit to you within our 100% guarantee that we will never recommend or engage in long term courses of treatment in an attempt to assist you, without extremely good evidence from yourself that it is delivering long term results rather than giving temporary relief to the symptoms for a short time.

Read below for details from one of our patients who had been in pain with lower back and leg muscle spasms for approximately four years:

” I was at the point where I thought I would never enjoy a pain free existence again, let alone do competitive or even recreational sports again. I am pleased to say that after a thorough diagnosis Stuart was able to identify ways in which the acute symptoms could be mitigated, allowing me to take up gentle exercise again (swimming, yoga and cycling). This allowed me to begin to improve the strength and flexibility in my lower back and hamstrings, which helped me to do more and feel less pain. I felt so much better, not just physically but mentally as for the first time in years I could see a future where I could be active and not just watch life pass me by. I would wholly recommend Stuart to anybody who has been newly injured or has a chronic existing condition, who is wanting to get back to sport or simply living again. In my experience it helped me get my life back.”

Please don’t suffer in silence.  If you have been in long term pain and cannot see a way forward in your life, please make an appointment to speak with us to discuss your symptoms.