Sports rehabilitation

Black Pear Physio has an unrivaled pedigree for treating professional sportsmen and women over the past 25 years.

As someone who is engaged in sports of any kind you need to know that your rehabilitation is complete and that you will return to your sport with a very low risk of any recurrence of the injury.

To this end we do not just look at the injury itself but also, if appropriate, look at the causation of the injury and analyse your training and competitive schedules in the following months post treatment to ensure that your rehabilitation programme is appropriate for the needs and requirements that you will be subjecting your body too.

Having worked with sportsmen and women for many years we can say it is the science and art of good preparation for your sport that minimises the risk of injury and maximises your enjoyment in participation. Therefore it is often advisable to seek assistance from us when you first become aware of an issue developing rather than leaving until the pain is so bad that you cannot compete.  It is so disheartening for us as practitioners to see patients who, for instance , are building up for the London Marathon with a lot of sponsorship being carried on their shoulders breaking down because they have not sought advice on their injury early enough.

Sports rehabilitation need not involve a large number of sessions.  Very often the sports men and women who attend our clinic only require advice about how to manage an issue and build a training strategy to get them to the big event.

So please don’t leave it too late and if you have any niggles or  concerns ring us to make an appointment on 01905 611010 and let us get you sorted and back enjoying your sport as soon as possible.