Skiing Advice

We at Black Pear Physio are looking forward to seeing you all on your return from skiing trips with various injuries! But need this really be the case? With good preparation, careful skiing, and a tiny bit of luck we believe it is only the unfortunate few that will be coming along to say hello to us.

Figures show that for every 1000 people on the slopes there are typically two or three injuries per day requiring medical treatment. The individual risk of injury is currently estimated as one injury per 300 days of winter sports. It is currently estimated that there are 1.3 million people who engage in skiing in the UK. Using a large leap of knowledge and poor mathematics means that nearly 4000 injuries will occur!

Physical preparation is the most important consideration if you are to be hitting the slopes in the next few months. Leg strength and a good degree of cardiovascular fitness are essential.

Cardiovascular work can mean anything from walking at a fast pace to cycling or rowing. It is the regularity it is done and is the key to improving this degree of fitness.


Stuart Nottingham

Chartered Physiotherapist

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