Physiotherapy and Cycling Injuries


Cycling regularly brings benefits your health at all ages in many types of ways, whether riding for recreation, as a serious competitor, or professionally.

Physiotherapists can use their knowledge and expertise to provide guidance on cycling posture and the setup of your bike to ensure you enjoy those benefits in a pain and injury free way.

Cyclists may incur many injuries that would benefit from seeing a physiotherapist. Broadly, these injuries fall into two main categories: overuse and traumatic.

Overuse injuries most commonly includes knee pain, back pain, and Achilles tendon problems.

Cycling is a highly repetitive sport – an average cyclist might perform well over 4,000 revolutions an hour depending on what level they are performing at so it is quite understandable how small problems can become big issues over time.

Traumatic injuries are most commonly as a result of accidents from falls and crashes at higher speeds or collisions with stable objects. Therefore, wearing safety equipment is vitally important.

The bike set up is also vitally important as one wrong adjustment could cause significant damage in light of the repetitiveness of the sport and potential distance travelled.

Inappropriate bicycle set up can often involve factors such as wrong seat height, poor foot and ankle position on the pedal causing an overload and incorrect distance from the seat to the handlebars creating stress on the back and neck.

Common injuries in cycling include:

  • Knee Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Lower back Pain

Our Physiotherapists at Black Pear Physiotherapy can help with the above and advise you on your next steps to efficient and enjoyable cycling.