Three simple tests to predict your life expectancy

Since 1946 the Medical Research council have been undertaking tests of 5000 people born in this year, at the age of 53 they completed the tests named ‘Longevity tests’ during home visits with specially trained nurses. These tests are supposedly able to measure an individual’s personal fitness levels and then give them a predicted age of which they will live to.

The tests incorporate three major areas that determine a person’s level of fitness, and these include; balance, strength, and endurance.  To test their balance participants were asked to stand on one leg with their eyes closed for as long as possible. What you may find shocking is that those 53 year olds who could only manage three seconds balancing- with one foot mid-air were five times more likely to die within 13 years.

Another area that participants were tested on was their strength of gripping. After squeezing with both hands the greatest result was recorded in kilos. The last test that the participants engaged in rather resembled musical chairs- individuals had to sit up and down again in a chair as many times as they could within 1 minute.

After completing all of the tests researchers combined all three test results into one score- giving an average of all of the results combined. Those who performed the worst were 5 times more likely to die within the next 13 years of their life than the ones who performed the best.

It is therefore possible according to this fairly high powered research to predict your future health.

In another trial published in the British Medical Journal, American researchers found that increasing physical activity- even by just a slight amount per day (1 hour per week more) had a huge effect on lessening the effect on people who suffer with or already have arthritis of the knee. People with arthritis who did four and a quarter hours of exercise per week were 43% less likely to develop disabilities e.g.: shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.: compared to people who only did 3 and a quarter hours per week.

So to sum up, if your approaching shall we say middle age and are not doing any physical activity maybe you ought to consider it.

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