When do I require a Physiotherapist?

This is a question that we often get asked when people ring in for appointments and advice.

The answer of course is… It depends!

As a general rule of thumb I will offer the following general observations

1)     For acute injury of anything other than the spine, the RICE guidelines very much apply for the first 48 hours (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). If there is visible swelling and bruising after this time it is worth continuing with this formula for five days, but what is important to all injuries where a fracture of the bone is not involved is to start very gently moving the tissue within the pain tolerance after a few days to stop tissue stiffening up and a whole new set of problems resulting. Do you need to pay good money to see a therapist of any description to tell you this information? In my view more often than not the answer is No.

2)     For back and neck pain there is now very strong evidence that says that by keeping moving the pain will settle far quicker than if rest is used to ease the problem. Do you need treatment for this? See item 3 for the answer.

3)     If after five days the pain is improved by 50% there is a very strong likelihood that it will subsist between the 2 and 3 week mark. The key thing to do is keep moving and exercising the affected area to the limits of the pain tolerance. Treatment is only really required in this kind of injury if it is a one-off occurrence.

At Black Pear Physio we are always delighted to hear from you with any queries that you may have and as part of our commitment to quality we will always guarantee that we will never over treat anybody, and will always be aiming to teach you how to resolve your own issue quickly and effectively.

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