Women’s football – Why are there so many knee injuries?

Women are more likely to get injuries then men: Because they have wider hips; which increase the leg’s angle into the knee and under-developed muscles which prevent the knee from turning in upon landing.

There have been increases of women knee injuries in the semi professional league in summer 2014

Most women will suffer from ACL injuries. There are two ways of tearing your ACL, one of them are landing from a jump with a straight knee and the other is cutting and turning inwards.

The diagram below shows the gluteus medius muscles. Which prevent the knee from falling inwards however as women have wider hips and men have straight hips, unfortunate for women the knee moves inwards!


Also suggested was that women are playing too much football!

From going part time to playing professionally full time they may be putting too much pressure on themselves. pic2

It was said by Professional Footballers’ Association chief executive Gordon Taylor that:  “everyone wants to see women’s football progress.  But on the other hand, it doesn’t want to progress on the back of a lot of injuries that are unnecessary.”





A Factor which had direct impact on women football players would be the synthetic pitches that they play on. Research has shown that injuries tend not to be more common than on grass but a PFA study says that players feel less sure about artificial surfaces.

It was said by Mark Sampson ( England manager) that he has no issues with playing on plastic pitches however it takes some times to get used He also says that the surface can help find them the right players as they wont people in their team who can adapt. Young players may find it easier to adapt like the players that went to the World Cup in Canada last August.

England captain Steph Houghton says that no players ‘deserve’ to suffer an ACL injury

She also says that every club should have access to medical treatment and good back room staff to look after their players. One having this access it will minimise any risks.


England captain Steph Houghton

England captain Steph Houghton



In conclusion why are women getting more injuries then man? Research has shown that it is to do with the human body muscles. However more research has shown that it may be the game its self playing on synthetic pitches which they are not used to. Or whether the women need more medical access and treatment.

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